Wood and Gas


Wood and Gas

When you hear WoodandGas, think of wide and large variety of fireplaces, roof tiles and stones, a comprehensive set of international brands, full fledged specifications.

Converting this huge varieties of products to an online catalog was somehow challenging, we aimed to give the visitor the ability to find specific items through categories and sub categories, searches and filters, to obtain information such as product descriptions, product manuals and images.

This project was a great step forward for WoodandGas and a satisfying experience for us.

Job Involved
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Multi currency
  • Content Management System
  • Live chat
  • Advanced specification filters
  • HTML, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Java, jQuery
  • Published in 2013

Client Feedback

Insight Solution were able to provide us with just what we need. Their team is Friendly Professional and Creative. The follow up and support they provide better than any company we have dealt with in the past.

Mr. Jihad Najjar
Managing Partner