Trust Us Investment


Trust Us Investment

Trust Us Investment Company S.A.R.L is an independent real estate company that was established in Lebanon, in 2010. It mainly specializes in real estate transactions and property management. Formed by a driven and hard-working staff.

This website is created to allow visitors find a list of properties, rental or selling price, number of rooms and property dimensions, along with pictures and locations on the map, the property details you want to know about. In addition to a flexible search engine, where visitors can filter properties by Rental/Sale, province, city, price range, etc…

Modern responsive design principles are integrated in this website, to fit well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Job Involved
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Responsive (Mobile friendly)
  • Content Management System
  • Web Hosting and Domain name
  • HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Java, jQuery
  • Published in 2015

Client Feedback

Thank you for providing us with a website that suits our request. The presentation is excellent as well as the performance. We are grateful for your informative guidance and responsiveness throughout the entire website building process. Working with you showed us a high level of professionalism. Again It was a pleasure.

Trust Us investment