Lebanese Chess Federation

When we first met with the federation members and discussed the functionality of this project, we realized the complex and big amount of work to be done. There will be international tournaments, players from around the world have to register online as participants, games will be recorded and streamed live directly from the digital chess boards, showing the players positions, calculation of points earned and tables of results.

The starting point was drawing the algorithm on papers, trying to sitemap the website as overall and understand how the web pages connect with each others, knowing that all these functions can be control from the back-end (CMS), it was very essential to implement a calendar of past and upcoming events that includes registration forms, tables of game results, ratings and statistics, in addition to a chess-game-viewer (See example here).

This project was really exciting, successful and suitable for any advanced sport platform.

Job Involved
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System
  • Sortable Players Database
  • Events Calendar
  • Tournaments Game Viewer
  • Online registration with participants database
  • Web Hosting and Domain name
  • HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Java, jQuery
  • Published in 2013

Client Feedback

Interesting project to work on and really nice people to work with. I would definitely work with Insight Web Design and Development again.

Mr. Roland Akhrass
Vice President