Browsers Usage Statistics

Many browsers can be used today to view websites. Among these browsers are Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. However, not all browsers are the same and they definitely do not work the same. Each browser and each browser version is

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Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile App

With the advent of tablets and Smartphones, one can log on to the internet from anywhere and at anytime. This leads to a difficult decision that rests upon clients of opting for either a responsive web design, mobile app, or both. Let’s look at

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Difference Between PHP and ASP.NET

PHP and ASP.NET are two heavyweight scripting languages in a battle. At one side there is PHP which has a large fan following and millions of dedicated developers. On the other side, there is ASP.NET which is introduced by Microsoft and can use

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Adobe – Extinction events

Founded in December 1982, Adobe Systems has since then created many products, which mostly deal with multimedia and web developing. These products include Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and illustrator. The Extinction of Adobe Flash The use of

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Carbon Footprint Of The Internet

In 2009, an estimate study conducted by the United States Department of Energy’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) for the United Nations about the CO2 emission of each country revealed that: Annually the internet industry

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