How long will it take to complete my new website?

The project timeline depends on multiple factors, like the rate at which we are working. Generally, if clients have done their homework, have a clear idea of what they require, and submitted the necessary images and information required of them, we can usually complete the project in about 2 to 4 weeks. However, sometimes a website might be complex, and may take longer to build, but normally the essentials of a website can be completed within a month.

What is the average cost for a website?

There are a lot of variables in building a website which makes it quite difficult to quote an average cost. Countless factors can affect the final cost of any given website; it all comes down to what exactly a client requires. Every project is different and we make sure our pricing is in line with your specifications.

Why should we choose your company to build our website?

At Insight we value our clients and team the most. We believe Trust and Loyalty is something that is earned, and that is evident in our work and in our conduct. Our values do our combined expertise justice; we are a company of tech enthusiasts and we relish the collision between design and technology. Our team comprises of talented graphic designers, web developers, and marketers who are well versed in the latest trends and practices of the online world.

Can I choose another company to host my website?

Yes, there are many hosting providers to be found online. They may not be very secure, and you are likely to come across security and privacy issues of shared hosting. It’s important for you to know that we won’t be responsible of any problems the hosting of your choice may cause. However, if you choose from one of our hosting packages we will provide customer support for every hosting related issue.

What is your payment policy?

We begin the contract on an upfront down payment of 50%, The other half is asked for once the project is alive.
We accept credit card, cash money, Western Union, IBAN transfer, cheque .

Is my data secure and private?

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected, all your emails and databases are stored on our own secure server. Your collected data is yours and we never use it or share it to any Third-Party company without your express consent and knowledge.

What is the procedure to begin a project with you?

Before we begin, please provide us with the company logo (Vector format), hosting credentials, pictures you wish to use on the website (products, projects, team members, etc…) as well as text documents. (About us, Who we are, Company history, etc…). Click here for details.
In case you are short on time and are unable to prepare the documents and files, you can consult our partners to do the design and copy-writing work.

Will my website be accessible worldwide?

Yes, your website will be accessible from anywhere in the world from any device at anytime. Our designs considers several browser types and resolutions before going live, we also build responsive websites that are compatible with smart phones and tablets.

Is it possible to view my Website while it’s under construction?

It will be much better for both of us if you follow up on the project process. While the website show the coming soon message, you will be given opportunities to review the pages of your website as pages are completed during the design process.

Do you offer website re-design services?

Most of the time we can redesign an existing website; we change the home page header, images, layout, navigation design, fonts and colors. However, sometimes websites are written in an outdated programming language; it is ideal to restart the project on latest configuration.

Which payment gateways will work with my e-Commerce website?

Payment gateway is a service that is incorporated onto an e-commerce website to verify a credit card transaction. It is a prerequisite for your online store to start their trade.

Currently we use PayPal, but as this gateway is not active in Lebanon, we also offer Bank Audi, BLOM bank, Credit Libanais (Net Commerce).
You may want to consider Cash on Delivery; it’s a good way to start selling without a payment gateway.

How do I increase my visibility in search engines such as Google?

When creating a website, we aim to keep it search engine friendly. Therefore, by default, the website will soon be listed on search engines within two to four weeks after going live. However, if you want your website to rank on Google’s first page you can benefit from our SEO service, click here for detailed information.

Will I have the ability to manage and update the content of my website when it’s complete?

Yes, you can login to the back-end, also called back-office, to manage your text, images, products, projects, prices, banners, etc. If you aren’t familiar with the particular platform, we can provide training sessions free of charge until you are able to manage the website yourself.

Is the email address included in my hosting package?

Yes, we will provide a custom email address along with the domain of your website. The number of email addresses you can have will depend on the subscribed hosting package.

Can I view my website statistics such as bounce back rates and number of visitors?

Web tracking statistics are provided along with hosting package. This service records the country and region of your visitors, and the pages they view, the search engines used to find your site, their duration on your web page, and other interesting web statistics which will be useful for marketing campaigns in the future.