Adobe – Extinction events

Founded in December 1982, Adobe Systems has since then created many products, which mostly deal with multimedia and web developing. These products include Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and illustrator.

The Extinction of Adobe Flash

The use of Adobe Flash went down a few years ago but why? That is because the direction of the online market changed with the SEO explosion. It was not possible to expose websites to the masses using Adobe Flash because the keywords and internal structures remained uncollected by Google and other search engines. Another reason that sent it behind the scenes was with the advent of the two giant devices-Apple iPad and iPhones, both of which ignored Flash.

Many web designers started looking for alternatives after that

Near Extinction of Adobe Dreamweaver

Google has launched an application in beta lately, called the Google Web Designer. This tool allows the creation of “professional quality design” HTML5 ads and campaigns, claims the company. Ads and campaigns designed using this toll will be accessible to everyone.

HTML5 is the industry standard that everyone should adopt on the web. It is described by Google as a “universal language for building beautiful, engaging content that runs across desktops, smart phones, and tablets.”

The company thus hopes that by launching Google Web Designer, HTML5 will become widely accessible to the advertising industry, allowing web developers to reach the goal of “build once, run anywhere”.

The current feature list of Google Web Designer beta includes:

  • Create animated and creative HTML5 with a robust and intuitive design tool set.
  • View and edit the code and automatically see the edits reflected back on stage.
  • Build seamless ad creatives for DoubleClick and AdMob that can also be published to any generic environment.
  • Receive automatic updates to the product without the need to re-download the application.
  • Access everything for free.